Remotely piloted aircraft systems


What is your business name and where are you based?

RPAS Adelaide Pty Ltd trading as Adelaide Aerial

ABN 18 603 636 157

ACN 603 636 157

based in Adelaide, South Australia

Are you accredited with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority?

Yes, we have been a fully accredited CASA Operator, No. 0036 since 2015 and licenced to operate multi rotor drones up to 25 kg 

Are you insured?

Yes. Full Hull and $20M Drone Public Liability Insurance through QBE, leaders in Australian aviation Insurance.


What platforms do you operate?

We run DJI platforms namely Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2 with X5S and the new addition to our fleet, the Matrice 600 Pro.


Rules we must adhere to?

Below 400 ft or 120 metres AGL, not over any populous area, visual line of sight in daylight and within 3NM of a controlled aerodrome subject to CASA application and approval.


CASA granted exemptions 

We can operate within 3 Nautical Miles of a registered (non-controlled) aerodrome or helipad, within 15m of people and night flying.