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Remotely piloted aircraft systems

Solar Panel Photography and video

When having solar panels installed a popular approach to the management of these assets is to have an archived record of the installation. Building owners and purchasers of new solar panel arrays find that having archival footage of the entire process gives them peace of mind. Our goal is to help you protect your solar or other commercial investment and premises.

Adelaide Aerial are able to provide recordings of your solar panels being installed using remotely piloted aircraft systems to take high resolution photo and video footage of the process. We can be on site to record:

  • Before installation
  • During installation process
  • After installation

Aerial Footage of Asset Installation

Any asset that you are getting installed can be filmed for archival and/or promotion purposes. Aerials installs, rooftop bar creation or satellite discs and more can be recorded in high resolution video and photo imagery.

Please note: This is not an asset inspection service, we are not able to provide fault reporting or thermographic images of the asset in question.

Solar Panel & Asset Recording for Interstate Customers

Additionally, we are able to provide our services to firms and individuals who are not located in Adelaide. Customers requiring roof, building or asset recording from a locally based team are able to use Adelaide Aerial to book a project and have us work remotely as part of your team.

State of the Art Equipment

All of our aerial drones are top of the line. We run DJI platforms – Inspire 2 with X5s and Phantom 4 Pro V2. Our high tech aerial equipment will inspect every inch of your roof and identify any noticeable signs of damage prior to installing your solar panels.

We are leaders in solar roof inspections in Adelaide. Give us a call on 0412-843-453 for a chat about your aerial roofing needs.