Remotely piloted aircraft systems

Professional Solar Roof Inspections in Adelaide

With solar panels becoming more popular these days, it’s important to consider an inspection of the site prior to your solar roof installation. At Adelaide Aerial, we use remotely piloted aircraft systems that can isolate a range of issues including water damage, mould, leaking and general roof defects; and provide you with  a visual record of any potential roof problems that may be present.


Solar Roof Inspection Companies for Interstate Companies

Additionally, we are able to provide our services to firms and individuals who are not located in Adelaide. Customers requiring roof, building or asset inspections from a locally based team are able to use Adelaide Aerial to book an inspection and have us work remotely as part of your team to complete the inspection.

Whether you’re considering solar panel installation in your home or you have an existing solar roof that you suspect has issues, our professional drones and remotely piloted aircraft systems can save you thousands of dollars before installation. We can help you identify a range of concerns from above or difficult to reach spots, without the need for you to invest the time, cost and people power in sending down your own team.

Why use Adelaide Aerial for a Solar Panel Pre-Inspection?

  • Remote drone inspection for non-local customer’s available.
  • We can inspect your roof and advise you on whether to install solar panels or replace and repair your roof before installation.
  • We’ll provide you with a visual record regarding the current condition of your roof, allowing you to make an informed decision moving forward.
  • Save money and time in repair bills later down the track. A damaged or weak roof can buckle under the pressure of solar panels over time - meaning cracks, leaks and other unwanted issues.
  • Our goal is to help you protect your solar investment for your home and commercial premises. A pre-solar roof inspection is what we do best!

State of the Art Equipment

Before spending money on installing solar panels, booking an inspection with Adelaide Aerial is a must. We run DJI platforms – Inspire 2 with X5s, Phantom 4 Pro and the new addition to our fleet, the Matrice 600 Pro. Our high tech aerial equipment will inspect every inch of your roof and identify any noticeable signs of damage prior to installing your solar panels.

We are leaders in solar roof inspections in Adelaide. Give us a call on 0412-843-453 for a chat about your aerial roofing needs.