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Aerial Video and Photography. CASA certified and fully insured. Awe inspiring aerial videos and photographs. Call us today.


Capturing Adelaide: Spectacular Aerial Drone Photography

Adelaide Aerial, is a company based in Adelaide, South Australia which commenced operations in late 2015 after receiving Civil Aviation Safety Authority Operators accreditation. What makes Adelaide Aerial unique is the Chief Pilot’s background which includes a Diploma in screen and media, covering topics such as camera work, editing and sound. In fact, all aspects of video production culminating in a nomination for best documentary in his role as DOP (Director of Photography). Our Chief Pilot also utilises his 20 years in the entertainment industry including theatre, musical comedy, lead singer and manager of an Adelaide Corporate cover band ensuring the delivery of innovative, creative and professional aerial photography for Adelaideans. In addition, our Chief Pilot has 36 years of investigative experience. 

Equipment Used for Adelaide Aerial’s Drone Photography

At Adelaide Aerial, we ensure that the equipment we use is of the highest quality in order to deliver our clients ideal results. To achieve our goal of high-quality aerial video and photography in Adelaide, we run DJI drone platforms, including the highly advanced Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 1 Pro. The Inspire 1 Pro is fitted with an X5 camera, which records footage in a breathtaking 4K resolution with the related 12mm, 15 mm and 45 mm lenses. Additionally, Adelaide Aerial use the Panasonic GH5 and Osmo X5 along with our drones, and edit our video using Adobe’s Premier Pro editing software. Using a wide range of innovative technology ensures that we can offer a great selection of services to the people of South Australia.

Our Range of Aerial Photo Services

Adelaide Aerial does not stop at scenic photography and video with our drones. Rather, we use our aerial equipment to enhance a variety of unique moments and events. Adelaide Aerial’s unique approach to drone photography in South Australia allows us to capture amazing, personal moments, business occasions perform drone asset inspections, and enables agencies to demonstrate the true beauty of their properties. We received our Civil Aviation Safety Authority Operators accreditation in 2015—this allows us to employ our drone photography throughout South Australia, including metropolitan Adelaide, in addition to the rest of Australia, meaning that no location is off limits.

Aerial Cinematography

Aerial cinematography is the art of capturing video off the ground, from an elevated position. This usually involves devices that are wireless since the video is taken from a considerable height. It can be done using sources such as aircrafts, helicopters, parachutes, drones, kites etc. Aerial cinematography can either be done using hand-held cameras operated by photographers on an aircraft, helicopter, parachute etc, or the cameras can be fixed on to the devices and remotely operated by a camera operator at ground level. The latter is a more popular way of aerial cinematography since it is easier and more economic to attach the camera to a portable device such as a drone and capture video from the comfort of your room, office or a location out in the field. 

Aerial video, simply put, is a moving picture captured by a moving drone in the air. It is a newly emerging technique that is quickly catching on. It is a form of acquiring data for sceneries or locations. Aerial videography is conducted using low flying drones or aircrafts with cameras fixed within them. These devices have a Global Positioning System (GPS) attached to them to help monitor exact locations along with video feed of those locations. They also have automated image processing to help improve the accuracy of data collection and recording, and make it more cost-effective. There is also the option to add audio to the cameras recording data. This enables the data to be processed in real time mode and improve accuracy and relevance of data. Our state-of-the-art technology enables us to record all visuals without motion blur, despite the moving camera. Video recording using a drone is a simple idea with outstanding results. Aerial videography is particularly advantageous for businesses. Although they are widely used by a variety of businesses, a few examples of businesses that use aerial video for their everyday business functions are:

  • Real estate agencies: Real estate agencies benefit greatly from aerial videos. The entire view and surrounding of a property can be seen by prospective buyers. They can analyse the shape, area, and size of a property in relation to the surroundings. It is especially beneficial for foreign investors who are not able to view the property and would like to get a general feel of the house or property they are interested in purchasing.
  • Resorts: Aerial videos are great to add to resort websites or social media pages. It attracts potential visitors or tourists if they are able to see clear pictures and breathtaking videos of the resort. People like to get a general idea of what they will be getting and paying for, since they are unable to view the location in person before booking it. Aerial videography can show all aspects of the resort clearly and on a full scale. It can capture a wide area so the potential clients can see and capture the beauty of the resort. They can have an entire virtual tour of the resort through aerial videos. This attracts a larger number of people to the resort, as aerial videos allow you to capture stunning and remarkable views.
  • Construction sites: Construction companies can easily monitor the development and progress of a construction site. Every detail of the construction project can be passed onto the client with video surveillance, which is especially important if the construction project is in a remote area that can’t be visited on a regular basis by the client.
  • Schools: Many schools and universities like to display their extravagant campus setting to potential students or investors. Aerial videos can help give a clear and detailed campus view for students so they can get a general feel of the campus life and setting before they decide to apply to that university or school.
  • Branding and Marketing: Companies can use aerial videos as a means for branding and marketing themselves. It is becoming increasingly common to see videos shot in aerial view and it is becoming a very popular way of demonstrating a company or business to potential clientele. This is especially more useful since many people are now in business with companies on a wider scale internationally or nationally and they like to see the location and business setup of the companies they are in business with. Since traveling can be costly and time consuming, this is a good way to portray and advertise your business to clients, partners and business investors.
  • Nature and Landscapes: Capturing images of nature and landscapes from the air brings a totally different perspective to the subject matter. Everything is not as it seems from a birds eye view. The vertical view exposes the subject in abstract form but still highlighting its natural beauty.
  • Environmental monitoring: Drones can used to fly over industrial waste areas, beaches and other ground locations to record and monitor polluted land and toxic waste locations from an aerial perspective.
  • Drone Asset Inspections: manually inspecting assets can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive process. Using a drone for asset inspections can make the process safer, more streamlined and helps cut escalating labour costs.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is one of the most advanced forms of photography currently being used by everyone including individuals, companies, and even the government. Commonly, it is used on a daily basis by news channels and researchers for various projects. Cameras are attached to drones, which can fly to great heights to capture views. The photographs being taken are managed and controlled by a camera operator at ground level who has the camera view, and remote control access that will allow him/her to take the necessary pictures when the drone is flying over a certain area. 

Drone photography is achieving popularity in South Australia, and is most useful for dangerous areas that may be otherwise unreachable by man. It is great for exploration and research projects. It is also a time efficient way to explore new areas or discover new objects. There is also a lack of safety concern when using a drone to conduct research in dangerous areas.   The cameras used for drone photography in Adelaide are of high professional quality that produce high resolution photography. 

Benefits of Aerial Photography

There are various advantages of drone photography over regular ground photography:

  • Improved vantage point: Aerial photography offers a better view and position to take a photograph from. While ground photography will have a few points of focus and will not be able to cover areas of large density, aerial photography has the advantage to achieve any height or distance from the object as the photographer pleases. There are no objects blocking the view and there are multiple viewpoints to capture a given object, building, or view. Aerial photography opens more options in terms on vantage points.
  • Provides a record of changes: Aerial photography provides a permanent record of changes. It is easy to record before and after of areas and it is much easier to get a general geographic view and record changes to that over time.
  • Broader view: Aerial photography gives you a broader view of the location. You can zoom in and zoom out or distance your drone or aircraft from the location to get a broader view. Aerial photography also enables a broader spectrum that the human eye may not be able to fulfil.

Uses of Aerial Photography

Although aerial photography can be used for many purposes, there are a few main cases where aerial photography is mainly used. Cartographers use aerial photography on a regular basis. When designing a map, it is important to know the exact details, location and geographical points of each place marked on the map. In order to accurately mark these places, aerial photography is a great tool. It gives a general view of the area and places located within it without much traveling required. Research teams do not have to do extensive fieldwork and exploration in order to mark maps. Other than a time saving way to create maps, it is also more cost effective since it saves a great deal of traveling and exploring costs. 

Trained interpreters also benefit greatly from aerial photography. Aerial photography helps them see which parts of the land have certain activities in place, such as farming, forestry etc. It also enables them to get a general idea of the population structure, land structure, human activity and land use. It is great for surveys for companies that wish to start a project in a particular location, such as opening up a new factory or a new mall. Companies may wish to do surveys for a potential business or industry initiation in an area. It is important for them to get a general idea of the structure at that location. A simple aerial view photograph of the area can answer most of their questions. The amount of empty land available for construction, population, number of houses in the area etc can all be answered by analysing an aerial view shot of the location. Geo scientists also use aerial photography quite frequently to assess landscape of a certain location. It is easy to map the physical and natural environment of a location using aerial photography. Certain environments and locations can be seen to ensure they are suitable for a planned activity or company. 

Researchers use aerial photography to get into areas where it is unsafe or untested for humans to do so.

It provides all the details required to analyse a location in as much detail or depth as the researcher requires. They can do an aerial view of the location or zoom in using the drone and look at all details in that area or location.

Contact Us

Whether you need aerial video or drone photography in South Australia for personal, business or for a specific event, we have the right equipment and resources available to assist you. We are passionate about what we do and we pride ourselves on delivering a quality product. Safety is paramount on all Adelaide Aerial operations, our manuals and operating policies are CASA compliant. Whether you need aerial video or photography in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Northern Territory or Tasmania including all regional areas, or elsewhere on the globe, we are well equipped, CASA certified and fully insured up to $20 Million with QBE Aviation. Call us on 0412 843 453 or email us at We hope to hear from you soon for your aerial venture!