All-Electric Air Taxi Service Across India

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InterGlobe Enterprises Plan All-Electric Air Taxi Service Across India by 2026 InterGlobe Enterprises, a pioneering travel and hospitality conglomerate in India, and Archer Aviation Inc. (NYSE:...

Drone Delivery In Japan, Bringing Critical Supplies to Isolated Villages

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Drone Delivery for Disaster Response: In Japan, Bringing Critical Supplies to Isolated Villages In Japan, a shrinking rural population and dramatic landcape means that some villages may be...

Japan Eyes Tougher Rules on Drones Over People After Candy Drone Crash

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The Japanese government plans to tighten regulations on how close drones may fly to people after a candy-dropping drone crashed at a November event in Gifu. Japanese news source Yomiuri...

Why Now is the Time to Bet Big on Drones

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Why Now is the Time to Bet Big on Drones Drones have been big news – with big market predictions – since DRONELIFE began in 2014.  Since then, the market has gone through expansion,...

How Criminal Use of Drones – and Counter Drone Technology – is Evolving

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As the commercial drone industry scales up, so does the need for security solutions.  The counter drone industry goes hand in hand with commercial UAS, enabling legitimate commercial use by...

Drone highways of the future

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The Mercatus Center on the Drone Radio Show Podcast: Are Drone Highways the Future? This week, the Mercatus Center on the Drone Radio Show Podcast.  Host Randy Goers speaks with...

Drones Make Rain to Fight Massive Wildfires in China

Posted By Zack Dukowitz,
Using drones to create rainfall is an idea that’s been tested and reported on, but we haven’t heard much about it actually being implemented in the field—until now. Toward the end of...

Thieves Use Drone to Steal Almost $150,000 from ATM

Thieves recently used a DJI Mini to steal 150,000 Euros (about $147,000) from an ATM in the city of Reims, France. To pull the theft off, they forced open a covering on a...

How drones are used in different types of industries

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The industrial use of drones was largely constrained due to technological limitations and high costs until recently. After their continual existence, drones have now become an economically viable...

When Will We See Passenger Drones?

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Volocopter CEO Florian Reuter took the floor at Amsterdam Drone Week, the EASA High Level Conference on Drones, to discuss bringing urban air mobility to life and to...