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Remotely piloted aircraft systems

Commercial Applications


Our client, SGS Australia a global  compliance company was requested by a South Australian based mining company, to conduct asset inspections by drone.

Adelaide Aerial was brought on board by SGS and conducted the inspections using the Phantom 4 Pro. The images were then examined by SGS to identify areas of interest and the results provided to the original client.



Our client,  Blackwood Baptist Church were extremely worried about the state of their meeting room hall roof. Rust was visible near gutter lines and there was concern over the state of the flat pitched roof, skylights and air conditioning units.

Adelaide Aerial deployed a Phantom 4 Pro and captured numerous colour photos in 4K resolution identifying the location of rust and other areas of  interest, ready for the roofing contractor. 



Our client, Badge Constructions, a well respected Adelaide based construction company, required progress photos for their client at varying stages of a multi level build.

Adelaide Aerial was briefed on the required angles and the Phantom 4 Pro was used to capture 4K resolution colour photographs from 5 main perspectives of each stage of the build.



Our client, a Melbourne graphic design company requested Adelaide Aerial to capture arial images of a parcel of land to be the focus of a new housing estate.

 The images were shot using the Phantom 4 Pro and delivered digitally to the client in time for Monday morning meetings. The drone flight path was carried out in Restricted airspace requiring Defence Force liaison and permission.



Our client, WAX Design, a CBD based landscaping business responsible for some of the most innovative urban landscaping around Adelaide and beyond.

The brief, capture aerial images of a recently completed project at Willunga. Adelaide Aerial captured 3 oblique angles of the project. This image was selected to promote WAX Design and kept as an archival record of the project.