Historical Aerial Photography in South Australia

Get in Touch With Nature

Although once only used by expensive platforms such as helicopters and planes, aerial photography has become viable through the use of drone-shot footage. It has become possible for enthusiasts to capture historical aerial photographs in Adelaide and beyond, allowing anyone curious to witness the true beauty of our environment. Due to the incredible scope of the drone, this kind of footage is particularly useful as a means of recording how the environment around us gradually changes.

Apart from enabling us to better witness the beautiful environment around us, footage shot with drones allows us to approach areas that would otherwise be unpassable or simply too dangerous to explore. Environments near treacherous water, cliff faces, deep ravines—these are all undeniably beautiful places that we would otherwise be unable to witness. Even if there was a strong desire for someone to visit one of these specific places, securing the necessary equipment and clearances is a time consuming and expensive affair. Despite us potentially engaging with environments that may be dangerous, safety is paramount to us. All Adelaide Aerial operations, manuals and operating policies are CASA compliant to ensure that there is never any potential for danger.

Technology in Demand

By using our highly advanced technology you can attain the kind of footage used by professional organisations. It is undeniable proof that the platform has gained traction when government bodies and high-profile news channels use drone footage on a regular basis for projects and investigative pieces. These organisations use much of the same equipment we do, which ensures that any of your intended aerial photography projects, be they historical, personal or business-oriented, South Australian or international, will consistently be of a staggering quality.

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