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Remotely piloted aircraft systems

Aerial TV & Film Photography Adelaide

Aerial photography is one of the most advanced forms of photography currently being used by the media and entertainment industry. Television commercial drone photography is commonly used daily by news channels and researchers in Adelaide as well as Australia wide. So, how does it all work? Cameras’ are attached to drones, which can fly to great heights to capture spectacular views. The photographs taken are managed and controlled by a camera operator at ground level, with direct camera view. This remote control access allows us to take the necessary pictures when the drone is flying over a certain area, producing some magnificent imagery for television mediums.


Feature films drone photography – Adelaide

At Adelaide Aerial, we have delivered multiple drone projects for the TV and Film industry. Some of our work includes TV documentaries for the Barossa Valley, Banrock Station at Kingston on Murray, Umpherstone Sink Hole at Mt.Gambier, Coonawarra Wine region; and multiple tourism videos in exotic places like the Maldives, Kangaroo Island, Bali and Thailand. We are proud to say that Drone Photography is achieving greater popularity in South Australia, if not all over the world. In our experience, we find that drones have also become particularly useful for dangerous areas that may be otherwise unreachable by man.

It’s great for exploration and research projects and is also a time efficient way to explore new areas or discover new objects. At Adelaide Aerial, we use only the finest cameras that produce high quality resolution photography for the media industry. We are proud to have worked on some amazing projects including a TV Commercial shot at Moomba Gas Fields in the Northern Territory using the Phantom 4 Pro; a short film production ‘The Protectors” written and directed by Stinga T. Two shots made the final cut and were shot on the DJI Inspire 1 Pro with 15mm and 45mm lens. The film is currently touring the Film Festival circuit.

Doing a feature film or TV commercial? If you need aerial documentary photography in Adelaide, contact the drone experts on 0412-843-453 for more information. We have the right equipment and resources available for all your media purposes.