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Premium Commercial Videographer in Adelaide

Redefining Traditional Understandings of Aerial Photography

Commercial videographers in Adelaide, and across the world, historically had great difficulty with aerial photography. This kind of video work was usually performed using sources such as aircrafts, helicopters, parachutes, or kites, and the cinematography itself was created by using hand held cameras operated by photographers. Recent advancements have allowed camera operators to embrace remote cameras, which can be fixed on to the devices and remotely operated by a camera operator at ground level. What results is stunning, with beautiful landscapes captured with ease.

State of the art Equipment

Aerial video involves taking video footage with a drone positioned in the air to any degree. It is a means to very quickly anticipate vast environments, sceneries, locations and more. These drones are affixed with high quality cameras that are perfect for capturing this kind of videos, at resolutions that allow for the proper appreciation of any kind of environment you are recording. The drones also have automated image processing to enable on-the-fly data collection recording.

Additionally, the drones have an integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) to allow for the incredibly specific recording of locations for future references. If it is something you are interested in, we can easily add audio to the cameras recording data, which simply enables data to be processed in real-time mode and improve accuracy and data relevance. Despite the evident speed, inbuilt drone technology allows us to record all visuals without motion blur.

Many enterprising businesses are beginning to understand the potential for aerial videography due to the vast benefits inherent to the medium. More than just a simple product, videography enables so much more. The potential to fast-track business success is obvious to many, so make sure to contact our Adelaide office with any queries you may have.