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Drone Roof & Asset Inspection Adelaide

At Adelaide Aerial, we offer state of the art drone inspection solutions in Adelaide for personal and commercial projects. If your roof is rusting or you have other concerns, a drone roof inspection will not only identify potential issues accurately, it provides easy height access within a matter of minutes. Our comprehensive inspections deliver important information relating to square footage, issues with existing roof damage whilst capturing numerous colour photos using 4k resolution images for our clients. We can also help with innovative drone mapping services to get the job done efficiently. Our advanced drone equipment guarantees to change the way you conduct roof measurements for good. Why risk your safety in the home or workplace when you can use a drone apparatus to get the job done with ease, maximum safety and accuracy.


Drone asset inspections Adelaide

Look after your prized assets with our expert drone inspection services at Adelaide Aerial. You no longer need to worry about poor and inaccurate data. Our drone technology is known to deliver supreme accuracy compared to traditional manual inspections - saving you time and money. Not only does it streamline the whole process for you, drone inspections helps complete larger workloads faster than standard methods.  

We have worked with clients including SGS and a South Australian Mining Company, where we conducted asset inspections by drone using the Phantom 4 Pro. The images were then examined to identify areas of interest and assist with on-going developments. As a fully accredited CASA Operator since 2015, our team is fully licenced and insured to operate multi-rotor drones up to 25 kg, offering greater peace of mind to our clients. Safety is paramount on all Adelaide Aerial operations with our manuals and operating policies CASA compliant. Aside from getting great visual imagery, drone technology is a great tool for a diverse range of industries including Tourism, the TV and Film sector, Social Media Platforms as well as Website Videos for businesses.

If you need Drone Inspection services in Adelaide, call us on 0412-843-453 or email us at and we’ll be happy to discuss your roof and asset inspection needs in more detail.