Wedding Videography in Adelaide

Making your special day

Weddings are a very personal, special affair, and photographers and videographers are often chosen to capture every bit of the day. Despite large amounts of time and money being invested in the day, there is a significant amount that is unable to be documented due to time constraints. Hundreds of guests attend, but their faces are often never seen in the final footage due to the small-scale nature of the footage and photography.

Adelaide Aerial effectively utilise their high-quality equipment to capture huge amounts of your wedding from very different vantage points, ensuring you retain more personal, intimate touches along with more encompassing footage of your wedding. Adelaide Aerial aims to approach weddings with an artful touch, ensuring that your special day is every bit as beautiful and cinematic as you remember it being.

Beautiful Moments in Beautiful Locations

Sweeping beaches, extravagant wineries, rustic fields and historic buildings are just a few prized wedding locations that demand every aspect of their beauty is captured. Adelaide Aerial can effectively use our high-tech drones to create footage that reflects every amazing bit in locations such as these. With so many places to be on a wedding day, it’s certainly impossible to be everywhere at once, but the encompassing nature of our video and photography means that you will be able to absorb every bit of your wedding. Traditional wedding photographers cannot do beautiful locations justice. Small cameras on the ground are optimum for taking striking closeups of people, but fail in truly capturing the scope of an entire wedding. Allow our expert event videographers to reproduce your once-in-a-lifetime experience, whether it be in Adelaide or country-wide.