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Remotely piloted aircraft systems

Adelaide video drone services

Adelaide Aerial drone operators utilise the finest drone technology for various platforms including Building and Construction, Print and TV Media, Website Videos and the Tourism industry. We use the highest quality equipment in order to deliver the best possible results for your business, commercial and personal projects. To achieve superior quality aerial video and photography, we run DJI drone platforms, including the highly advanced Inspire 2, Phantom 4 Pro and the Matrice 600 Pro. The Inspire 2 is fitted with a X5s camera, which records breathtaking footage in 5.2K raw resolution as well as 4K with the M43 12mm, 15mm and 45 mm lenses. Additionally, Adelaide Aerial use the Panasonic G5 along with our drones and edit video’s using Adobe’s Premier Pro editing software. Using a wide range of innovative technology ensures we can offer a great selection of services to our valued clients in South Australia and beyond.


Adelaide drone operators

Adelaide drone services can deliver the latest technological advancement for a range of businesses and specific events.  Whether you need video or drone photography, we have the right equipment and resources available to assist you. Our team is passionate about what we do and pride ourselves on delivering a quality product and service to all our clients.

Aerial Photography is currently known as one of the most advanced forms of photography used by individuals, companies, real estate and even government bodies. So, how does it all work? Cameras are attached to drones, which can fly to great heights, capturing spectacular views from a variety of different angles. The photographs being taken are managed and controlled by a camera operator at ground level who has the camera view and remote control access that will allow him/her to take the necessary pictures when the drone is flying over a certain area. It’s the perfect way to explore photography that delivers professional high quality images that you wouldn’t otherwise achieve with standard photography methods.

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