Drone Building and Insurance Inspections Adelaide

Adelaide Aerial will work with you to deliver the perfect outcome using innovative drone technology. We specialise in aerial construction photography in Adelaide to help businesses highlight problems and issues that may be present or for insurance investigation. The benefit of using drone technology as a building inspection tool allows you to capture images without the need for anyone to climb on or about the actual structure. You can track work progress more efficiently and monitor potential defects with the aid of high resolution photographs.  At Adelaide Aerial, our goal is to help save you time and money. Our drone building and insurance inspections deliver a new level of innovation to the residential, commercial, building and construction industry.

Innovative drone and insurance inspections Adelaide


At Adelaide Aerial, we are fully licenced and insured operators in drone technology. We have access to the latest equipment and resources to ensure the perfect delivery of your construction, building and insurance investigation projects. To achieve superior quality aerial video and photography, we run DJI drone platforms, namely the highly advanced Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro V2. The Inspire 2 is fitted with a X5s camera, which records superior footage in 5.2K raw resolution as well as 4K with the M43 12mm, 15mm and 45 mm lenses. Additionally, Adelaide Aerial use the Panasonic G5 along with our drones and edit video’s using Adobe’s Premier Pro editing software. Using a wide range of innovative technology ensures we can offer a great selection of services to your building, construction and insurance investigation projects.

Let us take care of your project needs while you get back to doing what you do best. The team at Adelaide Aerial can help take your business to the next level and deliver high quality images with drone inspection technology. So, what can you expect with flying drones? Cameras’ are attached to drones, which can fly to great heights to capture a range of potential issues on your site. This remotely controlled method allows us to take the necessary pictures when the drone is flying over a certain area, capturing clear images to improve your building, construction or insurance investigation project.

Interested in learning more about drone building inspections in Adelaide? Give our friendly team a call on 0412-843-453 and arrange a meeting today to discuss your project requirements.