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Remotely piloted aircraft systems

Drone Photography Adelaide - Film, Landscape and Events

Are you interested in promoting your business using quality visual imagery? Adelaide Aerial specialises in aerial photography for a range of promotional events, landscape photography and the tourism industry. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product that is able to deliver accurate representations of your media event, landscape visuals as well as travel destinations from all over the world. We are passionate about what we do and get much satisfaction out of creating awe-inspiring images for your business needs. We have created numerous travel aerial photography for places like Bali, Thailand, The Maldives and the Barossa Valley, just to mention a few. The platforms we operate include Inspire 2 with X5S, Phantom 4 Pro and the new addition to our fleet, the Matrice 600 Pro.


Event drone photography Adelaide

Got a special industry event that you want filmed with drone photography equipment? Adelaide Aerial operates the latest, state-of-the-art aerial platforms to create memorable images for your party, business event or general promotional advertising. To achieve our goal of high quality aerial video and photography, we run highly advanced equipment that ensures a great selection of services to our valued clients. The Inspire 2 is fitted with an X5S camera, which records footage in a breathtaking 5.2K raw resolution as well as 4K with the M43 12mm, 15mm and 45mm lenses.

Additionally, at Adelaide Aerial we use the Panasonic GH5 along with our drones and edit our videos using Adobe’s Premier Pro editing software. This range of high tech technology guarantees a professional, seamless and precise result everytime. As a fully accredited CASA Operator since 2015, our team is fully licenced to operate multi-rotor drones up to 25 kg. This certification also allows us to operate within 3 Nautical Miles of a registered (non-controlled) aerodrome or helipad and within 15 metres of people and flying at night. For extra peace of mind, we have $20million public liability insurance with every project we undertake.

For more information on landscape and tourism aerial photography or event drone photography in Adelaide, get in touch today on 0412-843-453 or connect with us via email at We look forward to working with you on your next media project.