Drones deployed to fight Malaria

Posted By Malek Murison,
DJI’s Agras drones are being used by scientists in Tanzania to combat mosquito populations. The Agras MG-1S, typically adopted by farmers to spray pesticides over crops, is one element of a...

What may drones in the future look and function like?

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You definitely should NOT fly a drone for the first time indoors. My bedroom walls and ceiling can vouch for this.   Last Christmas, I received my very first drone. My over-eagerness to start...


Posted By Isabella Lee,
  A drone operated by Steve Fines, of Fines Aerial Imaging, used heat-seeking technology to find Ethan and his dog at about 1:50 a.m. in a cornfield a little more than a mile east of his...

Why are there strict laws are around commercial drones, and why do I need a license for one

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (or drones as we better know them) are the ultimate disruptive technology. We have all heard of the potential they have in commercial delivery applications. Amazon has...

6 Ways Drones Are Affecting the Construction Industry

Posted By Rachael Burger,
The presence of drones in constructionmeans significant changes within the industry. Drones have already begun changing the way the construction industry operates, and...

Canberra delivery drone company Wing applies to fly into 2020

Posted By Dan Jervis-Bardy,
Delivery drone company Wing has applied to extend its licence to fly in Canberra's north until early next year, as it embarks on the next phase of its divisive service. If granted, the...

Surveillance drones. The good and the bad

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Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are aircraft predominantly operated by remote control. They were initially created to complete tasks that were too dangerous or unable to be completed by...

Drones Take on a New Application with Storm Chaser Jim Edds

Posted By Isabella Lee,
When you think of drones and filmmaking, many minds go straight to Hollywood where drones are used to capture aerial perspectives and create dramatic scenes for movies and television. However, we...

US local authorities start cautiously considering how to integrate drones into their communities

Posted By Rob Hoffman,
In the USA the Federal Aviation Administration controls the skies from 400 ft above ground level – underneath, it’s up to the local towns and municipalities to decide what lands...

DJI to release AirSense Technology warning of nearby aircraft

Posted By Coverdrone,
DJI has recently announced that as of January 2020, all DJI drone models released that weigh more than 250 grams will include AirSense technology, which receives ADS-B signals from nearby aeroplanes...