April 2019

Humanitarian drone testing corridor in Sierra Leone

Posted By Philip Butterworth-Hayes,
UNICEF opens new humanitarian drone testing corridor in Sierra Leone April 29, 2019 Philip Butterworth-Hayes UAS traffic management news UNICEF reports that Sierra Leone will serve as a new...

Drone usage in tourism marketing campaigns

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If you’ll pardon the pun, drones are taking off in all industries as a way to boost marketing and brand awareness, build profits and add value to existing properties.   But this is...

Reasons to be thankful for drones

Posted By Malek Murison,
In many ways a drone is your perfect companion for the holidays. It’s not going to drink too much, say something to offend your extended family or complain about the food. You could even...

Drones used to monitor koala populations

Posted By QLD University of Technology,
QUT researchers have developed an innovative method for detecting koala populations using drones and infrared imaging that is more reliable and less invasive than traditional animal population...