How Criminal Use of Drones – and Counter Drone Technology – is Evolving

Posted By Miriam McNabb,
As the commercial drone industry scales up, so does the need for security solutions.  The counter drone industry goes hand in hand with commercial UAS, enabling legitimate commercial use by...

Drone highways of the future

Posted By Posted By: Miriam McNabbon,
The Mercatus Center on the Drone Radio Show Podcast: Are Drone Highways the Future? This week, the Mercatus Center on the Drone Radio Show Podcast.  Host Randy Goers speaks with...

Drones Make Rain to Fight Massive Wildfires in China

Posted By Zack Dukowitz,
Using drones to create rainfall is an idea that’s been tested and reported on, but we haven’t heard much about it actually being implemented in the field—until now. Toward the end of...