Walmart Drone Delivery Expands to Cover Millions of Households, 7 Days a Week

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It’s one of the biggest announcements about commercial drone operations in the U.S. to come out in years.  Amazon first announced a drone delivery program in 2015.  Since then, regulators,...

How Drones Have Made Building Inspections So Much Easier

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Would you ever buy a property without inspecting it first simply because the owner tells you the property is maintained in top shape? Building inspections are an integral part of a routine protocol fo...

Why More and More Photographers and Videographers are Using Drones

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How often do you see drones circling above your head at a wedding event or a concert you go to? Quite often now. Do you ever wonder why the use of drones is getting so popular lately? If yes, you’ve...

Drones Are Not a Kid’s Toy!

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Drones are becoming an increasingly popular toy among kids. Many parents and grandparents are now choosing a drone for their children and grandchildren, especially for Christmas. But is it safe for yo...

Commercial Drone Pilot in Kentucky Surveys Damage from Last Weekend’s Onslaught of Tornadoes

Photo Credit: Whitney Westerfield Last weekend, tornadoes ripped through nine different states, destroying homes and killing people. The storm began on Friday night and continued...

Medicine from the Sky: Drone Delivery Framework in India

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ANRA Technologies has announced its participation in India’s ‘Medicine From The Sky’ initiative. The project was spearheaded by the Emerging Technologies Wing of the India government Information...

5 ways drones help with surveillance

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How Drones Can Help With Surveillance   Surveillance drones or remote-controlled aerial systems (UASs) are used to conduct advanced surveillance. For example, law enforcement agencies use them...

Top 10 Commercial drone applications

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Many drone companies trying to pinpoint their marketing efforts have asked how drones are used on jobsites. Now, thelatest report from Drone Industry Insights (DRONEII) has the answer: from...

Drone soccer takes off in America

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With so many aerospace and defense companies, it’s no surprise that Colorado Springs is flying high with the latest cousin of Harry Potter’s high-flying Quidditch. On July 31, the first-ever drone soc...

What Are the Most Popular Industries Aerial Drones Are Used In

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When drones were first developed, they appeared as an idea of science fiction movies. Later, they found a way into aerospace and military industries but things are quite different today. Aerial...