Drone soccer takes off in America

Posted By Jason Reagan,
With so many aerospace and defense companies, it’s no surprise that Colorado Springs is flying high with the latest cousin of Harry Potter’s high-flying Quidditch. On July 31, the first-ever drone soc...

What Are the Most Popular Industries Aerial Drones Are Used In

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When drones were first developed, they appeared as an idea of science fiction movies. Later, they found a way into aerospace and military industries but things are quite different today. Aerial...

What Happens When a Drone Crashes into a Windshield?

Posted By MIRIAM McNabb editor in chief ,
Researchers at Virginia Tech University, working with State Farm insurance and ParaZero drone safety systems, have finally answered the question of what happens when a drone crashes into a...

International Relations, Drug Trafficking, and Murder: Don’t Blame Drones for Crime (Opinion)

Posted By MIRIAM McNabb editor in chief ,
(A DRONELIFE Editorial.) A recent headline from the Brookings Institute is a stunning example of the drone industry’s public perception problem. Death from above: How criminal...

Drone fleet software helps scientists count penguin chicks

Posted By MIRIAM McNabb editor in chief ,
UgCS Drone Fleet Software Helps Scientists Count Penguin Chicks A close up image of chicks from the ground taken just a few days before the survey (c) Annie Schmidt/Point Blue What one...

6 Ways Drones Can Help Your Everyday Life

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While drones have gained a reputation of being privacy-invading military tools, that's not all that this miniature aerial device is all about. In recent years, drones have been used for a large...

Drone highways

Posted By Miriam McNabb ,
Recent research from the Mercatus Center argues that drone highways situated over existing public roads could be the fastest way to full integration of commercial drones. The Mercatus Center research,...

Beware burglars! A drone security camera that flies around your home

Posted By Chris Stoner,
Ring, the home security systems company, latest camera is taking flight… literally. The new Always Home Cam (AHC) is an autonomous drone with an attached camera that flies around inside your property...

Tasmania police increase drone fleet to find guns and chase down vehicles

Posted By Chris Stoner,
Tasmanian Police has added three new types of drones to its 22-strong fleet and these additions have already helped locate stolen guns, find missing vehicles and chase down cars refusing to...

Buying Your First Drone – Cheap vs. Higher End Drones

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Choosing the first drone for outdoor photography and videography is a unique experience. And very often, one of the first questions people ask is whether to go for a cheap drone or an expensive...