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Remotely piloted aircraft systems


US local authorities start cautiously considering how to integrate drones into their communities

In the USA the Federal Aviation Administration controls the skies from 400 ft above ground level – underneath, it’s up to the local towns and municipalities to decide what lands...

DJI to release AirSense Technology warning of nearby aircraft

DJI has recently announced that as of January 2020, all DJI drone models released that weigh more than 250 grams will include AirSense technology, which receives ADS-B signals from nearby aeroplanes...

Melbourne nominated for Uber Air taxi system

The third Uber Air market city – after Los Angeles and Dallas and the first outside the USA – has been nominated as Melbourne, Australia. The choice was announced by Susan Anderson,...

FAA adds LAANC drone flight authorisation programme to contract towers and airports

Starting from 23 May more than 100 control towers and airports will be added to the hundreds of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic facilities and airports...

Israeli security forces neutralize 80 non-hostile drones at Eurovision Song Contest

The Times of Israel reports that Israeli security forces neutralized but did not shoot down 80 drones flying near the Eurovision Song Contest Tel Aviv venue last week. “Israeli police,...

DJI Drones used to help track and stop Notre-Dame fire

  On Monday 15th April a devastating fire started in Notre-Dame Paris, France. Notre Dame cathedral was consumed by a fire which claimed the famed cathedral’s roof and spine. The 12th cent...

FAA predicts commercial drone fleets will triple over the next 5 years

May 1, 2019 Philip Butterworth-Hayes UTM and C-UAS market analysis On 30 April 2019 the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) published its latest Aerospace Forecast, predicting that the...

Humanitarian drone testing corridor in Sierra Leone

UNICEF opens new humanitarian drone testing corridor in Sierra Leone April 29, 2019 Philip Butterworth-Hayes UAS traffic management news UNICEF reports that Sierra Leone will serve as a new...

Drone usage in tourism marketing campaigns

If you’ll pardon the pun, drones are taking off in all industries as a way to boost marketing and brand awareness, build profits and add value to existing properties.   But this is...

Reasons to be thankful for drones

In many ways a drone is your perfect companion for the holidays. It’s not going to drink too much, say something to offend your extended family or complain about the food. You could even...