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Remotely piloted aircraft systems

Drone usage in tourism marketing campaigns


If you’ll pardon the pun, drones are taking off in all industries as a way to boost marketing and brand awareness, build profits and add value to existing properties.


But this is particularly true in the tourism industry, renowned as a sector prone to early adoption of new technologies. Once dominated by glossy stills of stunning panoramas and visually gorgeous landscapes, tourism marketing has now largely turned to drones to produce exquisite recreations of the guest experience. 


Luxury hotels were the first to recognise the value of drone usage in persuading potential guests to choose them over their competitors, but now the rest of the tourism industry has well and truly followed suit.


Who’s consuming drone footage?

A new generation of digital natives find visual content more compelling than ever – you could say its Millennials’ lingua franca. In 2014, Google research confirmed that travel video consumption was more popular than any other form of content. And the novelty of drone led travel videos hasn’t waned since.


This is because, along with Baby Boomers, Millennials are seriously dedicated to travel in all its various shapes and forms. Innovative, more affordable landscape aerial photography using drones is particularly enhancing market penetration for this target demographic, delivering unique, birds-eye views of what they'll experience when they arrive at their chosen resort, destination or tourist attraction.


The benefits of event drone photography for the tourism industry.

With aerial photography and drone technology, the possibilities for promotion are genuinely endless. It inspires people to get out of their comfort zone and experience the world first hand.


When the original drone photography appeared, a new world opened up for people. Suddenly it was possible to see a vast range of landscapes from a different perspective – from twenty-five metres in the air. Oceans, deserts, cityscapes, mountains and rainforests once impossible for the average person to see was abruptly accessible from the comfort of your own home.


As virtual tourism's popularity continues to grow, bringing the world's most spectacular tourist destinations into our living rooms, real-world travel has also increased. An individual experiencing the magic of kayaking down the Amazon or climbing up to Macchu Picchu on a computer screen naturally feels compelled to book a trip to discover the exhilaration for themselves.


Drone technology is revolutionary and in the content field is pushing the boundaries of creativity in aerial photography, allowing destination marketers to produce video footage from the perspective of the explorer.


Tourism aerial photography specialists in Adelaide 

At Aerial Adelaide, we’re fully licenced and insured to operate multi-rotor drones within three nautical miles of a registered aerodrome, at night, and within fifteen metres of people.  We use our high-end visual drone imagery to capture a destination, event or location's unique character. Our awe-inspiring visuals can help boost interest in your tourism business, attracting thousands more enquiries and customers every year. We only use state of the art drone technology platforms, including Inspire 2 with X5S, Phantom 4 Pro and the Matrice 600 Pro. Our expert team will then edit your aerial photography using Adobe's Premiere Pro to create a professional result every time.