How Drones Have Made Building Inspections So Much Easier

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Would you ever buy a property without inspecting it first simply because the owner tells you the property is maintained in top shape? Building inspections are an integral part of a routine protocol for real estate investors, insurance companies, building professionals, and everyone in the construction industry. Nobody would want to put their money on a building whose physical integrity has been compromised.

As far as building inspections are concerned, they’re quite a task. Ensuring that every area of the building is covered and all faults are identified isn’t easy. It’s particularly more challenging when hard-to-reach areas have to be checked.

This is where drones come into the picture. Drones have made building inspections easier and quicker. Continue reading this blog post to know how.


Less Time-Consuming

Building inspections are quite time-consuming. It can take up to several weeks to complete the inspection of the building. The workers have to set up ladders to reach areas that are further up and can’t be accessed without ladders. Once they’re done, they’ve got to disassemble the ladders. This step in itself takes a lot of time.

Then ensuring the building has been covered to its entirely, collecting photographs and videos for data recording, analysing the data, and then taking the relevant steps can all take a very long time. However, drones can do everything in much lesser time. You can collect visual data of the entire building, even the areas where it might have taken you much longer to reach, in no time!

You can then use the collected data to analyse the condition of the building from the outside from top to bottom and quickly address any issues.


Improved Safety

Having workers reach into difficult areas of a building through ladders or belts puts them at a high risk of injury. For example, if you wish to inspect the condition of pipes running through the external walls of a building at the 10th floor, the only way to do it is either get the workers lowered from the roof or set high ladders to reach that high.

However, if you’ve got a drone, you can simply have the drone take close-up shots and video clips of the building from every angle without having to put your workers at any sort of risk.


Saves Money

The cost of manual building inspections is much higher than using drones for the job. If you look at the cost breakdown, you’ll see that manual building inspection involves the cost of workers, the equipment, and tons of other resources that you’ll need during the inspection. However, with a drone, you’ll only need a high-resolution drone and a professional who knows how to use it. And that’s about it!


Less Hassle

Unlike manual building inspections, where you’ve got to gather all the relevant stakeholders and workers on-site and then wait for weeks for the workers to complete the inspection, drone inspections are so much less of a hassle. You don’t have to make an extensive inspection team. Instead, all you need is a drone and the top stakeholders who supervise the entire procedure.

Drones have made building inspections easier. What took weeks can now be completed in a matter of hours. No wonder there’s become such a staple in such a short span of time.