Drones Are Not a Kid’s Toy!

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Drones are becoming an increasingly popular toy among kids. Many parents and grandparents are now choosing a drone for their children and grandchildren, especially for Christmas. But is it safe for your kids to play with a drone?


Read on before you get one for your child because drones are not a kid's toy. Here's why.


#1. Flying Drones Require a High Level of Control and Responsiveness

Flying a drone requires a high level of control and responsiveness that seldom comes from kids. It is especially a concern if your child has just started flying a drone and cannot intricately control the equipment. As a result, drones that kids fly as a toy are more prone to crash, leading to equipment damage and posing a risk of injury for your child.


#2. Light Weight Drones Can Crash Easily

Apart from the inability to handle the drone intricately, another common concern with using the drone as a toy is that breeze and wind can throw off lightweight drones easily. While it may not be a concern on mild, less windy days, on days when the wind might surprise you, your child's lightweight drone may crash easily, leading to the loss of a costly present.


#3. Drone Control Further Deteriorates at Range

While controlling the drone may already be a concern for your child who is just learning to fly the drone, the control further deteriorates at range which means that the further your drone flies from your child, the more is the risk of crash and loss of equipment.


#4. Prone to Damage Following a Hit

One of the biggest concerns your child might experience when flying a drone is that the equipment is prone to damage following a hit. When the drone hits a building or a tree or crashes down to the ground, your child might lose their favourite new toy and get upset about it. Moreover, since drones are not cheap, the crash might also upset you.



Drones may make a popular choice for Christmas gifts for kids, but they are not a kid's toy as they can be dangerous and are prone to damage in case of a crash. Hence, if you have got a drone for your child, it is best to let them try it out indoors instead of outdoor so they can practice and get more control over the equipment. And it is even better if you let drones be a professional piece of equipment that can capture the most spectacular sights and sounds. At Aerial Drone Photography, we rely on using the best quality drones to deliver exceptional results to our clients. To learn more about drone photography and how we do it, get in touch with us today.