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Remotely piloted aircraft systems

Hang on, let’s focus on the things drones can do to make our lives for the better!


Two years ago, I decided to sell the lovely three-bedroom house that I’d lived in for five years. I lived in an old neighbourhood in the suburbs, so the area wasn’t popular amongst potential house buyers. I tried to engage at least five realtors, but none of them managed to help me. I almost gave up until I met a long-time friend, Anton, who ran several businesses - one of them being a real estate business. 


Long story short, he helped me solve my problem. Within six months, I managed to find a couple of newlyweds who wanted to raise their baby in a quiet neighbourhood. But what exactly did Anton do? Did he use a special marketing skill to lure the couple in? Later I found out that Anton had contacted a drone photography business and they provided Anton new advertising photos of my place and the area around it. The images were stunning. If I hadn’t planned to move out, I would probably want to repurchase my house as well. If there’s one thing I’m proud about, it’s definitely the view of the garden in front of my house. But, somehow it is tricky to show the view with typical photography - they don’t really do it justice!


Drones have found commercial success in the photography industry because they allow the camera to capture panoramic footage from a different perspective. Advertising and entertainment businesses in particular favour drones because they are beneficial when it comes to enhancing the customer’s experience. Here are some reasons why drones may be a good investment for your business or event: 


  1. To properly show off of the scenic value of an area or a property.
  2. The best way to show the surrounding areas of a property for sale, including the amenities, land, and the entire neighbourhood.
  3. To show better views of big homes with backyards, taken from unique angles to make the house more appealing and show the depth of the land. 
  4. Offers a personal view of a property or area. Imagine it to be like Google Earth to use on your website. 
  5. Allows you to create a video tour of a town or a city, which is a desirable and unique feature for interstate and international visitors before coming to an event or purchasing a property.
  6. Allows you to capture the moment, such as a wedding or birthday party, from different point of views.   
  7. Live stream of an ongoing event such as rock concert with a maximum overview and minimal interference. 


Drones are used in different industries, businesses, and even for personal use. Still, they all get the same benefit from using drones: by getting a new perspective. Drones allow you to have an experience with different angles, and that can be a very refreshing change. These are just a glimpse of some advantages that drones can offer to improve your business. Words aren’t enough to describe it, find a drone now, and get the full visual experience yourself!