Helpful Tips on Flying Your First Drone You Wish You Knew Before!

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Flying a drone is not easy, especially for newbies. If you are new to drone flying, we are sure that you want to know how to fly your drone safely and legally. Scroll down to find out some important considerations to keep in mind before you fly:


Start small 

Kids’ toy drones are the best drones for beginners because they are easy to fly and simple to understand. A good starting point is a small quadcopter. Not only are quadcopters easy to use, but they also have the advantage of being cheaper than professional drones. 

Toy drones can be flown both indoors and outdoors, depending on the type of model you have chosen. Others, however, are exclusively flown outside.  After you have practised flying toy drones, it is best to move your way up to professional-level drones.


Fly in a wide, open space

Once you start flying a pro-level drone, you may be tempted to take your drone to a deserted location to take breathtaking images and videos. However, it is advisable to avoid such temptations when flying your first drone.

It is recommended to go to an open field to avoid any obstacles on your way that could limit your height and distance. A word of advice is to use your first few drone flights to become familiar with the controls and functions. Make sure to get a clear idea of how it works to avoid any potential dangers.


Read the entire manual

We are quite sure you don't want your drone to crash into trees and regret it later. That is why it is best to read the drone manual before you start. You should be aware of the ins and outs of flying drones.  

When reading the manual, focus on important things, such as ways you can control the drone and what measures to take in the event of an emergency.


Inspect your drone

Before flying the drone, you must inspect it. It is always worth checking any signs of damage or issues. There is a possibility that your drone got damaged during the delivery process. We know that you are not a drone engineer, but you can always identify any visible imperfections to ensure your drone can operate safely.


Check the Batteries

Before flying your drone, always check its batteries. You should also make sure to check the temperature before the flight because cold batteries lose power quickly.  Moreover, make sure the remote control is working properly as well.


Follow the rules           

It is vital to know the general rules of flying a drone. Mentioned below are the most important rules to know for flying a drone in Australia:

  • Drones should be flown during the day, and one should be able to see the aircraft with their own eyes.
  • Drones should not be flown higher than 120 meters above the ground.
  • One must keep their drone at least 30 meters away from people.
  • Drones should not be flown above or near areas that affect public safety or areas where emergencies are underway.
  • One drone can be flown at a time.
  • Drones must not be flown over or above people.


Build a community

It is important to find like-minded people to share your journey with.  Having access to such people will help you get answers to the various questions you might have and will enable you to learn from them and not make the same mistakes.

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